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TNT track practice

Tonight was TNT track practice.
Hot and humid
No breeze
Good people
Awesome – that’s all I need

Mile warmup as usual. As usual I run it fast. 8:30. Fast for me anyway.


8 sets of 200m with 200m walk recovery. No rest. Keep moving.

Of course, alum Allyson (speedster) comes back to push the 200m pace. But we made a pact and took it kind of easy. Probably 40 – 45 seconds per 200. And then we blasted the last one. Even with all the walking involved we did 3.32 miles in 35 minutes. Not bad. Really good for me considering I did 4 x 800’s in 3:58 or less yesterday.

Tomorrow is another day of running. 7 miles with the middle 5 @ 9:44. If I keep this up I am sure to get in better shape. Boston is still looking viable.

the beginning of the end

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B.o.B. said...

good run! it was hot here yesterday as well. keep it up.

Marlene said...

All of these interval & tempo workouts will definitely pay off. Sounds like a good one last night!

Ally said...

Good job honey!

TNTcoach Ken said...

8:30 warm-up???? Who were you chasing? That takes away from you workout when you go out that fast, slow it down.....