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Training #9

Those of you who have been following the training may havenoticed there is non training #8. Well, I skipped it. It was a 45 minute run and I was going to run the Fat Ass at Lake Mingo. But with all the snow i decided that it wasn't worth the risk. So I did no running. Let the heckling begin.

Ok, that's enough.

This week was a 10 mile run and I did it. Lake of the Woods. I started ealier than everyone. 6:45am I was jogging on a nice sheet of thin ice. Places were real bad. But I ran.

111 minutes later I was done. That's an 11m 6 s pace. Not bad, actually great. I am impressed myself.

Here's a map to the 10 mile run.

See nice hilly course.

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