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The last two days - 4 hours. Need I really say anything more?

Even my sweety let me watch both episodes at her house after feeding me salad and chicken. She makes sure I eat right.

So I worked late night tonight and did not run. I am hoping to rectify that and run a few miles in the morning and then I think it will be the Armory tomorrow night for track workouts.

Hoping to start P90X this weekend as well.

-the beginning of the end

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New Year and Disney Recap

OK, so I have been back from Disney for 5 days. I spent 5 glorious and cold and wet days in Orlando. What an awesome thing to get to do - be an on course coach for the Disney half and experience record breaking cold temperatures. Just sweet!!!!

Thursday 1/7 - arrival. 60's, shorts and tshirt weather. It was great.
Friday 1/8 - coaches meeting for a few hours and then free time. Not a lot done. Took a small jog around resort complex. Pasta party at 6 pm where we sat 17000 people for bowtie noodles and chicken.
Saturday 1/9 - up at 2.30AM to round up the troops and catch a bus to Epcot center at 3.00 AM. Then walk to bag check for 10 minutes. Through bag check and then almost a mile walk to the corrals and then wait, wait, wait. Started in the back to be with my slower runners in the last corral. We left the starting line approximately 6.40 am. I then spent 3 hours trolling the course for TNT runners. Offering encouragement, bewilderment and some wild singing. Back to hotel around 2 pm after making sure everyone was finished and waiting in the long line for buses.
Sunday 1/10 - Up at 2.30 AM again for meeting and bus ride to Epcot. Victory party celebration was at 6 pm at Hollywood Studios - OUTSIDE. Normally this would have been ok, but with the cold front, it was cold. We then got to play around Hollywood Studios until midnight for a fireworks show.
Monday 1/11 - TNT coach certification training by the great Jack Daniels. It was very interesting and rewarding.
Tuesday 1/12 - up at 3.30 AM for the shuttle to airport and flight back to Illinois.

Overall, it was a very good experience. It was a lot of work, but work I would gladly do again for TNT. All of our runners and walkers got through the event with no adverse issues. And I saw a few alum out on the course as well.

1000 mile Challenge ---------------
I and some other of my TNT alum have joined together to run 1000 miles plus this year. 1000 miles for each of us. So far we are doing pretty good as a group. Of course, every group always has one hotdog in it. I am not that hotdog.

Work is work. But new projects are beginning and old projects are ending. And other issues at work as well. Guess that is why they call it work and not play.

I recommend "Book of Eli" as a plus hit for the movies. it is understated in action, but moving nonetheless. A good story for these troubling times we live in.

Personal training for me is officially starting tomorrow. I am going to start P90X again. Basic core and and upper body workouts, plus lots of running. My treadmill is moving inside the house tomorrow for more boring runs. With the roadways not always in the best condition this will help me run more and faster. Treadmills are great for pacing - great for boredom.

I have goals of running a faster marathon - a much faster marathon. I have signed up for the Illinois marathon on May 1 and the Indy half marathon on May 8. I hope to run the Indy mini in under 2 hours this year (a 5 minute improvement).

-the beginning of the end-

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The New Year

2010 is officially a day and a half old. I have officially failed on one resolution already. But that's ok. It really is miserably cold here in the Midwest. Ok, so what do I want from 2010. A lot.

First my son is on his way to his first duty station at Ft. Bragg. I want him safe. Sure, it is selfish, but I want all our soldiers safe and back home. Do me a favor and say thank you to any soldier you see. They really do appreciate it.

To all my running peeps out there, I want you all to run and realize your goals. Many of you have posted goals and I would like those to be realized whether they be running oriented or not.

A good friend of mine wants world peace, so I could wish for that. Not confident of that one though.

For myself, I would like to become a runner. I consider myself a jogger. I am not consistent. I ran around 450 miles in 2009 - 8.5 miles a week. That's a jogger. But then how many miles do I have to run to be a runner? Good question. Most of my running was preparing for a race or running with the TNT team that I coached. I have accepted (invited myself) a challenge from another blogger (Ken) to gather a team of 5 average individuals to run 1000 miles each for the year. It is a big step up, but one I think I can do. I run 30 mile weeks and more when training. Building this kind of base might help me with another goal I have in mind.

Race goals -
5k - 21 - 22 minutes - will probably look for a July 4th run.
10k - 45 minutes - may be hard to find. Not really sure of many local 10ks around.
1/2 marathon - under 2 hours. PR is 2.04. Should be very doable.
marathon - 4.15 or better. This will be tough. PR is 4.52

I really think this can all happen. I have a great group of friends that I run with. They are supportive of my strange training regimen. They are the best running friends one could have. With their help and encouragement the goals can be achieved.

Running goals -
Weekly mileage needs to be more consistent. I really need to run every week. I have joined 1000 mile challenge for the year, that should help keep me motivated. 20 miles a week should not be that difficult. I really should be running 30 or more.

Job goals -
Get better at my job. Though I really am pretty good at it. There are some things I would like to see the company implement that would make things run smoother and be easier should a disaster ever happen. Otherwise, not much in that respect.

House goals -
Finish the storage room. Paint my daughter's room for when she visits. Insulate attic. Replace windows. Tuck point brick. Crown molding in kitchen. Strip painted trim and restain. I could go on and on. A few things at a time as money permits. I have the time.

Other goals -
Stay happy. I am pretty happy. I wish propane wasn't so expensive, but it only affects me 3.5 months out of the year. But they are expensive months. Continue life as it is with it always getting better and happier. I have great friends and met some great new friends. I re-met (is that a word) a friend (were we friends), maybe just an acquaintance. It has been great getting together and reacquainted again. Here's to more good time in 2010.

Disney goal -
I have been honored to be an on-course for TNT at the Disney half marathon. I hope I do well and Illinois proud. It will be a lot of work. But I am excited to be given this opportunity.

Blog goal -
To be a better blogger. Maybe that should be to be a more prolific blogger, more consistent. Let's work on that as well.

TNT kudos -
My TNT friends are awesome. I could not/would not have done what I have in my personal running or my coaching without you. Your success has helped me build mine. I can't wait to see what all of you do in 2010. Let's keep together and run. Even JG that is moving, keep in touch, your success at Detroit really made me feel happy and successful. I am proud of you for pulling through your injury, listening to me and showing me what you can do. You will only get better. and all of you can continue to make fun of me when things don't always go right. I will laugh with you. Remember, if we can't laugh at ourselves, laugh at Coach Mike.

Special kudos -
I could not have survived this year without some of my closest friends. They know who they are. Thank all of you for being there, for telling me like it is and turning me around at times to get me pointed back in the right direction. Sometimes I veer off course, sometimes I get totally turned around. Here's to a fantastic 2010 with all of you again.

Here's to you 2010. I welcome you with open arms. I expect this to be a great year.

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