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New Year and Disney Recap

OK, so I have been back from Disney for 5 days. I spent 5 glorious and cold and wet days in Orlando. What an awesome thing to get to do - be an on course coach for the Disney half and experience record breaking cold temperatures. Just sweet!!!!

Thursday 1/7 - arrival. 60's, shorts and tshirt weather. It was great.
Friday 1/8 - coaches meeting for a few hours and then free time. Not a lot done. Took a small jog around resort complex. Pasta party at 6 pm where we sat 17000 people for bowtie noodles and chicken.
Saturday 1/9 - up at 2.30AM to round up the troops and catch a bus to Epcot center at 3.00 AM. Then walk to bag check for 10 minutes. Through bag check and then almost a mile walk to the corrals and then wait, wait, wait. Started in the back to be with my slower runners in the last corral. We left the starting line approximately 6.40 am. I then spent 3 hours trolling the course for TNT runners. Offering encouragement, bewilderment and some wild singing. Back to hotel around 2 pm after making sure everyone was finished and waiting in the long line for buses.
Sunday 1/10 - Up at 2.30 AM again for meeting and bus ride to Epcot. Victory party celebration was at 6 pm at Hollywood Studios - OUTSIDE. Normally this would have been ok, but with the cold front, it was cold. We then got to play around Hollywood Studios until midnight for a fireworks show.
Monday 1/11 - TNT coach certification training by the great Jack Daniels. It was very interesting and rewarding.
Tuesday 1/12 - up at 3.30 AM for the shuttle to airport and flight back to Illinois.

Overall, it was a very good experience. It was a lot of work, but work I would gladly do again for TNT. All of our runners and walkers got through the event with no adverse issues. And I saw a few alum out on the course as well.

1000 mile Challenge ---------------
I and some other of my TNT alum have joined together to run 1000 miles plus this year. 1000 miles for each of us. So far we are doing pretty good as a group. Of course, every group always has one hotdog in it. I am not that hotdog.

Work is work. But new projects are beginning and old projects are ending. And other issues at work as well. Guess that is why they call it work and not play.

I recommend "Book of Eli" as a plus hit for the movies. it is understated in action, but moving nonetheless. A good story for these troubling times we live in.

Personal training for me is officially starting tomorrow. I am going to start P90X again. Basic core and and upper body workouts, plus lots of running. My treadmill is moving inside the house tomorrow for more boring runs. With the roadways not always in the best condition this will help me run more and faster. Treadmills are great for pacing - great for boredom.

I have goals of running a faster marathon - a much faster marathon. I have signed up for the Illinois marathon on May 1 and the Indy half marathon on May 8. I hope to run the Indy mini in under 2 hours this year (a 5 minute improvement).

-the beginning of the end-

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Marlene said...

Sounds like you made the most of your time at Disney! I noticed so many TNT coaches along the courses both days cheering everyone on - pretty awesome!

Too bad about the weather.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Get that Team Virginia going on those 1000 miles....

Lisa said...

congrats to you and the other TNT folks at disney

Jen said...

I want to try to do the Disney marathon next year, any advice?