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So long, sooo long

I haven't posted since August 27? Why didn't someone holler at me? They say the mind is the first thing to go. So what I have I been doing in all this time? Not a lot.

I have run a little over 10 miles. I have been doing a lot of work for my Hookers. Shouldn't they work for me? I got to be doing something wrong. Busy at the real job. Met a bunch of Wolfram Research people. Been eating a lot. Been sleeping alot.

Still coaching my group of TNT people. They are good. They run. Every week. I guess I may have to start running with them again. I did that tonight. Track practice. 5 setsof 1000m in 4.57.

Yea, right. I ran the first one in 4.26, #2 in 4.27, #3 in 4.26 (almost puking now) #4 in 4.52 and #5 in 4.56. The last two seemed almost pedestrian. But I was really happy with the first three. I just could not keep it up. I have the speed I need. Endurance/stamina - not sure where that is it.

I probably really need to get a lot more long runs in and medium runs in medium fast pace. Say 8.44 - 9.15 per mile.

JG's IT band is getting better. Happy for her there. AD's foot seems to be healing. I haven't heard about it hurting any. And Paul is still out due to knee issues. So half my team is healthy. But the other half is healing. They will persevere throughout and complete their events.

I promise to try and keep up better in the future.

the beginning of the end.

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