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Goat Free

My last goat. Gone. I have no more. I am not sad. It is a relief, a weight off my shoulders, a blessing in disguise. Not that they were evil varmints out to ruin my life, eat anything with color on it, trample the garden, destroy fences and cause property damage. No they were none of that. Ha!

Now I have 6 acres of free and uncluttered pasture. What should I fill it with now? What should the next, great farming adventure be? I wait with breath abated your wisdom on my future. What say you!!!!

On that note, the acupuncture last night was pretty damn awesome. Thank you Second Wind Running Club for your speaker series. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet but for the demo he worked on one. It did relax. It is still there. The knot is still there, but the tension is lessened. One foot did not hurt this morning when I got out of bed. I am considering going back and having more done. He is located in Urbana. See here.

Running schedule - I forgot that I had signed up for the Forest Glen 5 mile trail run (10.20) which makes 3 possible marathons out of the question (though I could have only chosen one). Sorry Joanna. So that probably leaves only the St. Jude marathon as a possibility this year. Smaller runs - lots of them - I am looking at:
Wild Wilderness 7.45m - 9.30
Wooly Worm 5k - 10.6 (against an 11 yo and clocked a low 30 already)
Forest Glen 5m - 10.20
Allerton 5.5m - 10.28
Run for the Library 5k - 11.17

Wow, maybe I should have entitled this post 'Lots o' Links'.

That's it. Peace out.

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