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July is slow

I want to say first - Thank you to all the service people past and present who make me feel safe and free every day. 


My running for July is nil. Zero. Nada. Zilch. I would like to say I had over 20 miles so far, after all it is a three day weekend. Events just conspired against me for running. 

Saturday, I was on call for work and missed my group long run. Why can't people remember their damn passwords? So after 3 hours in the office I came home and weeding my tomato garden. Not that when I started you could tell there were tomatoes in the grass. But now, since they are getting sun, I may have some red balls soon. 

It does look a lot better and took a few hours to do. Of course with my new look I do not have any protection on my neck any longer, so that is a little red and sore. Yes, running crew girls - that means I got a haircut. A drastic one. And you know how I loved my long hair. But so far everyone that has notice has liked it. I am  just not sure I do. 

On another note I am leaving for Florida (Ft.Myers area) on Thursday. I hope to get some running in down there and am going to dry a beach run. Running in the sand should be a good workout. I am going down for work (we have 7 offices there) to replace all their servers. Not sure how me time there will be but am trying to get Sunday to myself. Anybody wants to join I am at the Crowne Plaza at Bell Tower Shoppes. Come and join me for some fun in the sun. I need to get out of town for awhile and even though it is work, it will be good for my soul. I will miss my new favorite singer/songwriter writer's performance the following Wednesday, but I suppose the groupie action is to becoming.

With the new hairdo maybe the second half of the year can be better than the first half. The end of last year was fantastic. Here's to hoping for some semblance of that attitude and euphoria for the rest of the year. 

Tonight is my normally scheduled tempo run. It is an easy one. 6 miles total - 4 @ 9.28. Maybe I will add a little extra at the end or run on Tuesday (a non-run day). I need to get my rear in gear. 

Hint, hint....where are my girls chewing my a$$ out for not running this weekend? You know who you are. 

- the beginning of the end

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