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Year End

This is the end of the year, end of a decade. A lot has happened this year - both good and bad. So here is my rundown in no particular order except for how my brain remembers it.

DC had an up and down year with ankle issues. She taught me how to be 'gangsta' and how to eat.
JG had an incredible 1st marathon and taught me how to be humble when receiving compliments and that dispite her injury still a great athlete.
I learned that PJ, JH and the other girls are just energizer bunnies. Always moving forward, laughing and having a good time no matter what the weather.
RH has made great strides in maintaining his heart rate and is always good a tall tale or two.
TNT went backwards and then forwards in how they deal with the lower portion of the state.
New friends joined the TNT fold. Some old friends dropped out.
My son made it through boot camp and AIT. Beware FT. Bragg. I am proud of him.
I learned that fireballs shooting out of your furnace are a bad thing. And no furnace makes a cold week in a farm on the hill.
I've learned that I can drink 10 beers the nite before a 5k and still PR.
I've learned that the TNT alums are friend you can count on - even if they make fun of my situations.
I've learned the a SQL cluster cannot exist without fibre.
I was stalked this this year.
I saw my daughter less than I saw my son and this makes me sad.
I learned about Christmas spirit and put up 2 trees.
I learned that good friends can have differences that may end their friendship. I hope not.
I was told that I could be a great runner. Not world-class, but better than average.
I think now I might actually believe him.
I set a PR in the half marathon by 12 minutes.
I set a PR in the full marathon by 3 minutes with cramps the last 8 miles.
I have a new friend who has taught me to smile again.
I lost 15 lbs and promptly put it back on.
I stayed healthy all year.
I was attacked by a rival gangs of bees.
I lost a goat - she died.
I have 4 pregnant goats.
I am not sad to see 2009 go.
I am ready for 2010.
I am ready to post more often.
I am ready to share again.

Thank you to all that have seen me through this year.

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Signed Up

yep, uh-huh, oh yeah.

I signed up for the Illinois marathon in early May and the Indy mini the following week. That's right, 39.3 race miles in 8 days. That a lot for me.

But before that I have the honor of being an on-course coach for TNT at the Disney half marathon. I really need to start piling on some running for that. It is only 5 weeks away. Time to get out of the old bad habits I have fallen into and get back into my running groove.

With this and the two races in the spring I hope to jump start my Boston fantasy again. I really have an imposing task - dropping almost 83 minutes (3.10/mile) from my marathon PR. Can it be done? Sure! Can I do it? That really is the question. I truly believe I can get in the 4 hour range. But dropping that last 30 minutes is going to be really hard.

I have the speed. The endurance and stamina is lacking. Only time and my dedication to it will tell. Hopefully, with some support and convincing my brain that I should really do this, I might be able to pull it off.

Serious training begins right after Disney. Until then, I am hoping to get back in the groove and start averaging 20 - 30 miles a week. Got to build my base up more, but that is a start.

the beginning of the end

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