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Good lucks

First off I need to say good luck to a few people.

Detroit marathon - Good luck Joanna and Nick
Indianapolis half marathon - Good luck to Damaris, Delores and Meredith
Kansas City half marathon - Good luck Paula

I was lucky enough to get to know and run with all these great people at some time during the season. They are all fantastic people that will preform admirable this weekend. I can wait to check on their progress during their runs.

I hope to see all of you afterwards back at LOW.

Ok, now my makeup post. I have run 65.73 miles since my last post which is actually a GREAT monthly total for me. I ran some long runs with TNT runner Joanna (Detroit) and helped her keep going. I hope her first marathon is fantastic for her. I continued to run at the Wednesday night track practices for speed work.

I ran a 5k with a friend a few weeks ago. Well, I ran the first half mile with him and then left him to run on my own. I just floated, told everyone I passed "good job" and cruised in at just over 28 minutes. I felt great. It seemed to be just a perfect day.

I also want to congratulate my son for graduating Army boot camp. He is at his AIT now and doing well. He gets a little bored, now that he has free time, but is learning and still getting physically stronger. I may never beat him in a race again.

Anyway, I am coaching on Saturday's and trying to keep up with my running. It is tough.

the beginning of the end

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