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That time of Year

Yes, it is almost years end. And while I have many, many things to be thankful for, it was a year of ups and downs. Yea, I ran some hills, but I really am talking about the ups and downs of life. Ups and downs for me, for family and friends. It really was a tumultuous year.  While I won't bore you with every intricate detail of my year, I will list 20 - good and bad in some order that they are locked away in my mind.

  1. the Running Doc placed third in her age group, then had an appendectomy that night
  2. the Gangster went away to school and is kicking ass at her studies
  3. my son went to Kuwait, he'll be back in April 2011
  4. Randy lost weight improved his half PR by around 30 minutes
  5. the Running Doc kicked my ass at the L&C marathon and set a 27 minute PR
  6. the Hooker watched Missouri beat the Illini then threw up on 3 different interstates
  7. Karmen had a beautiful baby girl
  8. I got promoted at work, then worked more than ever
  9. I signed up for the Indy half and never went
  10. the Rogue, was just the Rogue on more than one occasion
  11. I tore my TV room down to the studs, it is still not finished
  12. some of the bloggers I follow had awesome years
  13. I had 2 girlfriends and lost them both
  14. I had the best 6 months of running in my life
  15. my family is all healthy
  16. my horse boarder still does not pay on time
  17. I survived a year living alone, it was lonely and nice
  18. I did not make my yearly running goal
  19. my friends and running buddies are all awesome
  20. there is always next year
There you have it. My life in 20 lines. Except for my lack of running at the end of the year, it was a good year.  I have some lofty goals for next year (I'll list them early next year) and will strive to them to bed.

I think 2011 will be a good year. I have signed up for the Indy mini. I will run it. Hotel is already booked. I am looking at at least one marathon and a couple of other halfs. Just haven't decided yet. And hopefully, i will blog more often. Of course, when I run, I blog. So run I must.

Read you soon friends.

- the beginning of the end

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Winter is here

Winter came to central Illinois late Friday night and all day Saturday. Of course a buddy and I decided that a night on the town was necessary despite the falling (6 inches) of snow. So out we went. The night was uneventful. That  is a good thing people.

I still haven't run a lick since the Lewis n Clark marathon in early October. I need to get the motivation pills out and start overdosing. Most of running buddies are still consistently putting rubber to ground. For them, yes, carry on.

Work  - gosh that should be WORK - I get working extra only to find I had so much to do at home. I am not complaining - I enjoy my little slice of heaven. 6 acres of pasture, outbuildings and a house 3 times the size I need, but it does require work. Doing it all alone takes time. So I found myself doing more at home and still no time for running. I also, noticed that by not working so much, more work was piling up. Not sure why this is. The work is not difficult.
It just needs done.
By anyone.

So, I get to work Tuesday night, probably Wednesday night and at least 6 hours Saturday night. Good thing I am single and everyone thinks I have no social life. No other obligations.

My tv room renovation is coming along slowly, but I truly am in no hurry. I will finish when I finish.

Has anyone out there used an incline trainer before? One of those treadmill things that can do 30% or more inclines. Do they work? Better than a tread climber? Kind of the same thing. Let me know please.

-the beginning of the end

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