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Winter is here

Winter came to central Illinois late Friday night and all day Saturday. Of course a buddy and I decided that a night on the town was necessary despite the falling (6 inches) of snow. So out we went. The night was uneventful. That  is a good thing people.

I still haven't run a lick since the Lewis n Clark marathon in early October. I need to get the motivation pills out and start overdosing. Most of running buddies are still consistently putting rubber to ground. For them, yes, carry on.

Work  - gosh that should be WORK - I get working extra only to find I had so much to do at home. I am not complaining - I enjoy my little slice of heaven. 6 acres of pasture, outbuildings and a house 3 times the size I need, but it does require work. Doing it all alone takes time. So I found myself doing more at home and still no time for running. I also, noticed that by not working so much, more work was piling up. Not sure why this is. The work is not difficult.
It just needs done.
By anyone.

So, I get to work Tuesday night, probably Wednesday night and at least 6 hours Saturday night. Good thing I am single and everyone thinks I have no social life. No other obligations.

My tv room renovation is coming along slowly, but I truly am in no hurry. I will finish when I finish.

Has anyone out there used an incline trainer before? One of those treadmill things that can do 30% or more inclines. Do they work? Better than a tread climber? Kind of the same thing. Let me know please.

-the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

We got hit with a dusting of snow that turned to ice!!!!! Never have used the incline trainer, so I'll wait on your review.....