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Kreg Tools

Kreg Tools makes awesome tools for helping the woodworker, remodeler or homeowner for woodworking projects. They make tools for pocket holes (hidden holes for screws to go into so they are not seen), tools for hassle free cutting of crown moulding and many more items.

I recently sent Kreg Tools an email hoping for an evaluation kit for some of their product. I hope they send me some to help my livingroom renovation along. My entertainment center requires pocket hole joinery (who wants to see screw holes in a piece of furniture) and their crown moulding cutting jig and third hand helper will make installing crown on a 9 foot ceiling a breeze.

Check back later to see how it goes.

As far as my running... well, that is a non-existent story.  I have NOT run since the Lewis and Clark marathon (where I got schooled by The Running Doc) and just last week I lost another toenail. Not sure that was related to that race almost 2 months ago or not. But yes, I need to run. I need to get out of my non-running, couch-sitting, potatoe chip eating funk.

But I really despise cold weather. Ok, maybe not, but I don't like running into a cold, northerly wind. And where I live, the wind is blowing against you no matter which directions you turn.
So I started looking for another treadmill. I have one. A good one. And it probably only has about 20 miles on it. But I do not use it. I should. But I think I want a treadmill promoted by Jillian Michaels (America's toughest trainer). Me and Jillian go way back. I can remember watching her infomercials from years back. If anyone can get me back on track, it is Jillian. A treadmill savings machine I have become. I already got $1.49 saved up. I am on my way.

So, if anyone wants to buy my NordicTrack C2250, let me know. You can hook up your cable to it and watch tv at the same time.

Goats - I have sold some of my goat meat now. The stew mea is all gone but I still have chops, ground, patty, ribs, roast and a briscuit (whatever that is). Chops, ground and patty are all going for $7 a pound. That 2 bucks cheaper than the local grocer.

-the beginning of the end (Life is good)

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