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Half way done

This morning was the first half of my double routine.

My resting probably means I made it through 65% of the routine
I am still tired and weak 2 hours after I finished the routine
My pecs are sore where they attached near the clavicle
Tonight I have mile repeats
Only 3 of them (thank you running gods)

Some of the routine consisted of squats, jump squats, heisman poses, jump shooting, baseball throwing, leapfrogs, etc. Most of it was fairly low impact but very high intensity. I'll get the workout listed at tonight.

I can very much see that if you do the routines you will get in shape. I am hoping to build some up body muscle but most importantly build core strength. A stronger core makes a stronger runner. I'll see the difference in 88 more days. I took measurements last night and will take them at 30, 60 and the final 90 day end of workout.

I feel like I am dieing.

the beginning of the end

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Ally said...

Good Job!! I was very happy to see you get up when I did to go do your workout! You'll be rested to do your runs tonight! Just hydrate throughout the day to keep the muscle soreness down! LYL!!

Carly said...

Nice Job!!!! That P90X sounds brutal but it does produce results. I wish I had the nerve to try it....I still get sick doing Shred.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Everyone says that's a brutal program. But apparently it gets results. GO FOR IT!