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FIRST Interval workouts


And humid and hot.
It was 89 degrees with about 59% humidity when I started running and it 89 degrees and 59% humidity when I finished training.

I lost 5 pounds of water from sweating but I think I drank 10 pounds of water.

It was miserable, but there are worse things.
I ran the intervals under the scheduled time (barely) and then I walked the recovery interval.

No jogging, just walking.
Way to nasty to try and push anything.
I found a pretty flat loop that was about 980 meters around and about half of it in the shade. So I ran it and just a little farther until the Garmin beeped again.

Then brakes.
And walk.
And water.
Then another 10 seconds mentally preparing for the next interval.

But I made all 5 sets. I even took a 400m cool down.

Schedule –
5 x 1000m @ 4:59 with 400m recovery interval.

I made it.
Intervals were all below 4:59 and giving me a 24:33.54 5k or a 7:55/mi pace. With recoveries (and the way it has to be counted) 4.36 miles in 53:29.54 or a 12:17 pace.

I am still happy. It is still a good time.

the beginning of the end

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Rural Runner E said...

dealing with the same conditions here in MO. 98 degrees toiday with 65% humidity...had to run on the treadmill after lifting today...just TOO FREAKING HOT. Be careful, take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

dealing with the same crap in WV. The stopping and starting is killer in this weather! Know your limits...heat makes us all this way!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

way to get it done. humidity is killer. i can't handle it. glad i live somewhere arid.

B.o.B. said...

It was already 81 degrees when I woke up this morning. At 7! I feel your pain. The summer is out of control!

Ally said...

You were stronger than me...I had to fall short of my required time by 4 minutes. Good job!

Marlene said...

Solid intervals in that disgusting heat! Congrats!