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I own P90X. Yea, I blew the money on it. I have watched a few of the DVDs. Even the warmups are tough. 

But this is the Beginning ofthe End. 
Oh, why is this the beginning of the end?
I am tired.
I hurt.
My painful right shoulder hurts.
My left arm hurts more trying to over compensate for the right.
But I did the best I could.

Here's a quick rundown - 
15 minute warmup, normal pushups, wide grip pullups, military pushups, reverse grip pullups, wide fly pushups, close grip pullups, decline pushups, heavy pants, diamond pushups, lawnmowers, dive bomber pushups, back flies. And then we did those 12 in a different order. 5 minute cooldown. If you want to see detail and descriptions - go here. My user is RunningFirst at 

So, tomorrow will be a rough day. P90X - plyometrics and FIRST training of mile repeats. I am trying to decide which to do in the morning and which for the afternoon.

Let's see if I can continue this.

the beginning of the end

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Ally said...

You can do whatever you set your mind to! Go for it and get ur done!

TNTcoach Ken said...


Marlene said...

Those workouts sound grueling! I'm sure that pay-off will be worth it.

Good luck with the double-wammy today.

Rural Runner E said...

Good luck, you are a better man than I am.

Running Around Acres said...

Stupider, maybe. Glutton for punishment, definitely, but not better.