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On an unrelated note  - I broke 200 miles for the year this week. 203.7 total miles. Unless I really start running some serious miles (which if you read the previou post) I am not sure I will make the 1000 miles I wanted to run at the beginning of the year. But you never know.

That is only 113.85714285714285714285714285714 miles per month for the rest of the year. 
That is only 28.464285714285714285714285714286 miles per week for the rest of the year.
That is only 4.0663265306122448979591836734694 miles per day for the rest of the year.

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Marlene said...

Congrats on hitting 200! I bet you can do at least 500...

Ally said...

Good job honey...You may not hit the goal, but you'll get close!

Rural Runner E said...

You are 200 miles closer than you were in January. Good will do as well as you do.