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The Beginning of the End

Tomorrow is a new month.

Tomorrow is June.
Tomorrow is the Beginning.
Tomorrow is the Beginning of the End.
Tomorrow , I start my quest. 
My quest to qualify for Boston.

I am going to give it a shot. I am going to start training. Training for Boston.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be run training. 
Wednesday will be TNT track practice. But I will not run these hard.
Monday, Friday and Sunday will be days of rest or cross training. Mostly upper body and core. (I am so weak there)

I am starting my training tomorrow. It is the training that men 65 - 69 would be doing for a 4:15 Boston marathon. Man - those are some fast, old, Boston men. 

Next week workouts are as follows -
Mon - xtrain
Tue - warmup, 3 x 1600m @ 8:11 w/ 1 min recovery, cool down
Wed - TNT track
Thu - 6 mile run: 2 easy, 2 @ 8:44, 2 easy
Fri - rest
Sat - 13 miles @ 10:14
Sun -rest

Pretty ambitious, but it will only get more ambitious as I progress towards Boston.

Now a word from our sponsor - I am training for Boston.

Ok, now a word about cross training. I am still not sure what this will comprise. I have been looking at P90X training. It is a lot of lunges, pushups, pullups, core routines. I have also read a lot about natural training. Remember when you were a kid and played. You just ran everywhere, jumped over (or ran through) puddles, climbed trees, jumped ramps on your bike. This is the kind of training I am looking at. 

I am lucky enough to live in the country and have a pasture that is exactly 1/4 mile around the perimeter. It is also a hily pasture. Myself and the Hook are looking at using it for cross trainng. There is a plan to setup "stations" around the pasture. Stations to work your muscles like you did as a kid.

There will be logs, sandbags, weights to lift or throw. There will be walls to climb, obstacles to jump, balancing acts and possibly more as the Hook devises them. This all to work your muscles in a more normal way. Like when you were a kid and didn't worry about being out of shape. 

Hopefully this will help build the body back to what it once was. Maybe even put me in Boston shape. 

Tomorrow begins now.

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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good luck!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Bring on that Bee-Ach!!!!!! Boston here we come.