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Track Practice #1

Today was the first track practice for the summer TNT session. I was there with a few alums and 4 newbies. Us alums will break them in. I'll find out all their names eventually and what they are training for. I know there are a few halfers and a few fulls. One is training for the Nike women's marathon. 

Most of the halfers are walkers which is awesome. I have tried to walk with walkers and I cannot do it. I can't walk that fast. It hurts and gets me out of breath and I am sore the next day. Walkers are awesome.

The full runners are fast. It was all I could do to keep up. I will have to do extra work to keep up. 

Harley is once again coaching for the track sessions. I have worked out under him in the past and he can be a slave driver. A polite one but still tough. I hope I (and the others) survive. 

We will be back at LOW (Lake of the Woods) on Saturday. I believe they will be doing 6/4 respectively. I will do my 8 minimum. Maybe I should do the trail twice and run 10. Hmmm...

Anyways, practice was good for a beginning. I need to decide on my training. Will I continue with TNT or go out on my own/ Maybe a little of both. I have looked at the FIRST system a lot. I think it can help me tremendously. I am not ready to start with a 3:30 training regimen, but maybe a 4 or 4:15 can be done. 

The FIRST system would have me doing 3 days of running per week. That is the basics of the First system with a few days of cross training and a few days of rest. Here is the first week of training for a 4:15 marathon run.

Workout #1 - warmup, 3 x 1600m @ 8:11 with 1 minute recovery jog, cooldown
Workout #2 - 6 mile run:  2 miles easy ramping up to 2 miles @ 8:44/mile and cooling down for 2 miles
Workout #3 - 13 miles @ 10:14/mile

I can do workout 3 (Indy mini in 2:04 - 9:30 pace).
I am pretty sure I can do workout 2.
I am not sure I can handle the repeats in workout 1. The first one. Sure. The next two with only 1 minute rest. And jogging while I rest. Come on. 

Who jogs while they recover? Oh yeah, those damn fast runners at the front of the pack. And the workouts get tougher, but in theory, I should be getting stonger. 

So, what do you think? Go for it. I think I can do this. I will be disappointed if I can't. Maybe this is the place to start and not a a slower pace. Afterall, I ran Indy in 2:04. With no pain afterwards. With a quick recovery. With my last three miles of 9:10, 9:02 and 8:39. That is kicking some half marathon ass. 

Maybe this is the place to start. But I need cross training as well. I really need to do some core workouts. Not that at 46 I will ever have a 6 pack. But I do need the core work. It will make my runs easier and make me stronger. 

I picked up P90X. I have viewed a few of the DVDs. I got tired just from the warmup parts. I will give it a try. I have to get a pull up bar and a few dumbells or something for a few weights. 

So with that  - Boston will be my be-atch.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Sounds like you're ready to rock n roll, good luck.

Marlene said...

For mile repeats, I need at least 400m in between and preferably 800. Jogging is okay, but I don't think 1 minute would be enough for me.

Looks like a good program, though!

Good luck.

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Go get em. Remember I'm your (literally) biggest fan.

Ally said...

You can do whatever you set your mind on honey. If you truly want to get the time down you will work and do what they tell you to do.