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TNT training

Tonight was the TNT group midweek training. This is usually an interval run. And it was again. Due to the heat and humidity we ran timed intervals.

1600 warm up
2 minute run, 2 minute rest
8 minute run, 3 min
ute rest
8 minute run, 3 minute rest
2 minute run, 2 minute rest
800 cool down

Wasn't sure how I would do after running my hard interval on Tuesday, but did well.
7:43 pace on all runs, adding in warm up and cool down still paced at 8:27

I really ran faster than I planned because of the hard run yesterday. But when you get out there in group man-pride takes over and you give it your all. This will just make tomorrow's tempo runeven harder.

If I remember right tomorrow is 7 miles(5@ 9:14). If I run at home, half of it is uphill, if i go a mile north I have much flatter ground. Hmmm!!?? It is also going to be92 and humid so around 6 when I run it should be 85 and humid. Hmmm??!! Flat or hills??

Vote peeps!!!

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B.o.B. said...

as much as i want to say flat, hills make you strong. but it's your call. see how you feel and go with it.

also, did you get your package?(just want to make sure)

Marlene said...

Great job on those intervals and good luck with the tempo run tonight. I hope the munidity isn't too bad.