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Yesterday's Daily Double

Yesterday evening I had my mile repeats to perform.

3 of them @ 8:11
Did I do them?
Of course.
Did I do them correctly?
Of course NOT!!!
Did I hit the 8:11 avaerage?
Yes, just under at 8:09

Mile 1 - 7:47.10
Mile 2 - 7:47.78
Can't ask for much more consistency than that.
Mile 3 - 8:34.43
Slow, because I walked twice, cussed myself out and started again. Might have... never mind. Might haves do not matter when you didn't do it.

Then it starting raining so I took a slow mile walk back to the car. I got thoroughly drenched, but enjoyed.

The gf had her women's training run as well and she finished in the top of her group again. Going to have to move her into the intermediate running group.

This morning I did P90X again. More cheating though. I have no dumbbells (why do they call them dumbbells?). GF had some 5 lbs things that I used, but far too light. So basically I went through the motions of the routine. I am going to buy some dumbbells for when this routine hits again next week. The morning routine worked on biceps and triceps. Both places I am sorely lacking.

No running tonight with TNT as I have the great VMWare user meeting. So junk food, soda and a bunch of tech people trying to bullshit each other about their data centers.

Thursday, I have a 6 mile run (2 easy, 2 @8:44, 2 easy) and Saturday 13 miles @10:14. Plus P90X every day.

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