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Thursday Tempo Run

Week 2 of FIRST training and workout 2 – tempo running.
scheduled run – 1 mile easy, 5 miles @ 9:44, 1 mile easy
actual run – awesome, fantastic, sweet, tiring, phenomenal
warm up mile 9:57.08 - fast for a warm up, need to slow this down to about 10:30 or higher
Tempo miles -
1 - 10:04.45 – a little slow from fast warm uo
2 - 9:23.11 – fast, downhill mile
3 - 9:45.81 – uphill mile
4 - 9:16.74 – again downhill mile
5 - 9:24.94  - gutting out the last won
tempo average - 9:35.01 - quicker than scheduled, but felt pretty good
cool down mile 9:37.56 - obviously elated about tempos and just kept going
total time for the full 7.01 miles 9:38.44 - faster even than scheduled tempo

This is also the first time in RunningFirst history that 3 days of running in a row has every happpend.
Real running
Not running to the bathroom or running to get the last beer before your boys do
That is awesome for me. Of course you may not see 3 days in a row again, but if I keep going to TNT on Wednesday track it could happen again
But my running schedule is Tue, Thu and Sat
TNT trains as a group on Wed and Sat
Who knows – 3 days in a row could happen again and again

the beginning of the end

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Emmett said...

Love the blog.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job, although those warm-ups and cool-downs are too fast. It really does help to be in a group.

Marlene said...

You nailed it! Good job on 3-in-a-row too!

Ally said...

You were definately on cloud nine for completing this one! You can do it honey!! Good job!!

Rural Runner E said...

Great job on the 3 consecutive days. Most impressive. Keep up the good work.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

good job!