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Get off yer ARSE and do it

That’s what I was told by Marlene and Ken when I complained about falling off the wagon. Of course the gf was her always ‘You can dooo iiitt’ (apologies to The Waterboy) attitude.

So I looked at the P90X training and my FIRST training and helping with TNT, I revamped my schedule. I am still running my3 days with the FIRST program, a second interval workout with the local TNT team and P90X. The P90X is a 7 day workout for 90 days, but I am probably stepping that back just a little to not wear myself out so much for my runs.

The first time I tried it, plometrics in the morning and running at night was just too much. I gots ta get in some shape first.

Tonight was a fairly simple routine but still hard (for me). It called for the normal warmup and cool down, but in between that they stuck some intervals.

Can you believe it?
Who puts intervals in between a nice, easy, warmup and cool down?
Oh, yea! All us runners out there.
Intervals – 4 x 800m @ 3:58 pace with a 2 minute recovery interval

I thought I would be a stud and run them in my west pasture. It is hilly. It has foot high grass. It was rough as hell. It was tough. My dog gave up after one lap (400m) and went and lay down. I was so jealous.
So the other 3 were through the yard, out on the road, into a smooth grassy area and back on road. Still hilly. But a run I might continue. We all need hills.

Set1 – 3:53.57
Set2 – 3:49.93
Set3 – 3:44.88
Set4 – 3:48.45

Average – 3:49.21

I feel good. It was hard, but hey, if it was easy everyone would do it.

The beginning of the end

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Ally said...

You did it...that is what matters! Even if you have to slow the P90X routine down to fit into the running schedule...that isn't a bad thing! I tried to warn that taking on two full schedules of training was a bad fell, but now you're back up and running!! I'm not here to blow smoke up your ARSE...I'm here to support you!

Marlene said...

We don't dugar coat it, do we? :)

You ran intervals in a hilly, grassy pasture and you STILL nailed it? That's what I call jumping back on the wagon! Good job!

Rural Runner E said...

I shall repeat, you are a better man than I am.