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Interval workouts

Today was interval time for my ‘Boston will be my Bitch’ training. I am using the FIRST training schedule for this at a 4:15 marathon pace. It is fast. It is hard. I hope it works. I am still having issues with my long runs and I believe it is mostly mental.
Hush!!! I can hear what all of you are thinking.
Ok, ok, ok – I am not mental!!!

Today interval schedule -
1200m @ 6:02
1000m @ 4:59
800m @ 3:58
600m @ 2:57
400m @ 1:57
all with 200m recovery walk

Actual -

You’ll notice the 200m (0.13mi) are exactly 55 seconds. I had the Garmin set for miles on a meter track. That is probably ok. It is damn close. But when I stop it for the end of the set, it keeps counting distance as I walk the 200m recovery to the other end. It then starts the preset interval with 200m and lots of time already going. I think for track workouts I need to turn off the auto interval setting. I am going to try this tomorrow with the TNT interval workout tomorrow.
Now for a little bragging – take all the rest and recovery periods out and the intervals averaged out to a 7:21 mile pace with my last 400 at a 6:56 pace.
Ok, respond and bring me back to the real world.

the beginning of the end

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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great track workout. :-)

Marlene said...

I learned last week that the auto setting doesn't work well for a track workout.

Good job on the intervals!

Ally said...

It was tough, that's good. It isn't meant to be easy or it's not training! You finished and felt good about it! That is what matters! Good Job!!

Rural Runner E said...