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Damn Goats

I was all set for my 6 mile run and I get a flustered and worried gf about one of our goats, Velvet. Her name, not mine. Anyway, after looking it up in our goat manual, it was decided the goat had bloat. 

Bloat is where the rumen (like a stomach) gets full of gas that the animal cannot pass. This gas continues to build pressure and puts pressure on the lungs and heart. If not treated death is a likely end. 

So off the the U of I large animal vet clinic. They stuck a tube down her throat - no release of gas. They stuck a bigger hose down - no release of gas. Back in goes the little hose and they put a mixture of water and drug down her throat that is supposed to less the gaseou bubbles and hopefully, make her fart or burp. Goats are naturally fartty and burpy unless bloat occurs. 

Velvet stays the night, gets an IV, we go home and get her kid (that's what ya call baby goats) to spend the night and nurse. She is in mild pain (they gave drugs) but still standing andnursable. 

Tomorrow morning will be my 6 mile run. 2 easy, 2 @8:44 and 2 easy. Shouldn't be that bad. 

the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

That's why I don't own goats, that and the city ordinance..... I hope Velvet gets better.

Ally said...

We can't blame it on Velvet...she had access to an area she wasn't supposed to and got into extra grain. Checked on her this morning and unfortunately we lost her. She started to come out of surgery (removing 10 lbs of grain, grass and froth from her stomach), she stopped breathing and they couldn't bring her back. They tell me Lucky (her kid) is old enough that he can be weened quickly by bottle. She may have been a farm animal, but still part of the of the first we got.

Marlene said...

Poor Velvet!

Runner Leana said...

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Velvet. :(

chris mcpeake said...

Passing gas has never been a problem at our house .. but then again we dont own goats. hope velvet is okay