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Wednesday Practice at the Armory

Thank you to all who have wrote to help me get back on track and bring my mojo back to central Illinois. It worked. I was supposed to do 14 x 400 meters in 2:00 - 2:10. I have been doing my 400s in 1:45 or better. I hope to continue that as well.

Last few weeks all 400s have been 1:45 or better. So was tonite any different. Yes, it was. But all for the BETTER!!!!

On average 1:36 for my sets. Sweet!!!

Set 1 - 1:37
Set 2 - 1:37
Set 3 - 1:36
Set 4 - 1:37
Set 5 - 1:37
Set 6 - 1:35
Set 7 - 1:36
Set 8 - 1:32
Set 9 - 1:44
Set 10 - 1:33
Set 11 - 1:31

and for good measure a workout ending 200 in 36.37

All in all a very good, terrific workout for me. Freakin awesomeness. As I read on another blogger site DDYA - Don't Deny Your Awesomeness. Thank you Frayed Laces for allowing us to steal your new motto. And today I do not think I denied my awesomeness.

Maybe, just maybe, I have a 4:30 or better marathon in me. I would love to destroy my PR from Alaska. Something to shoot for. Saturday is a long run 12 - 15 miles. I hopeto do at least 13 to give me a good indication of where I am at. 

But of course I have seen weather forecast from 16 - 40 degrees. Why can we get this weather figured out.

Damn I ramble.

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Marlene said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Those are some speedy splits. Sounds like a PR is in your near future.

Katie said...

That IS awesomeness!! And you're right -- we won't be last. I like to whine sometimes :-).

As for the button, feel free to steal! I actually pulled it from the TNT site, but you can just right-click on mine and save it to your desktop. I just linked it to my fundraising page when I uploaded it.

lindsay said...

wow! great job on the intervals - so fast and consistent!

Rural Runner E said...

How lucky are you. I wish we had an armory to run in during the bitter cold days of winter around here. I am very impressed, by the armory, and the times.

Keep it up.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Dude, you are smoking! Save some of that speed.

Ally said...

Good job honey! I know you're really concentrating on doing better with your training.