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Track Practice

Back to the Armory for 400 meter repeats. Tried some new PowerBar gel drops. They are gummi bear texture with a small liquid center. These were a cola flavored liquid. They aren't bad. They were tough but I think that is due to them being frozen last week. They were left in the car. Not good with the near zero temperatures.

Schedule said (16) 400 meter repeats in 2:00 - 2:10 pace. I have been aiming for 1:45 pace.
Last week I was awesome and ran around 1:36 average for 11 repeats. I was supposed to do 14 but was gassed out.
I managed all 16 repeats tonite. And I average 1:36, with a fast repeat of 1:29 on #5 and a slow 1:45 on #15. Locked #16 in at 1:36.

Actual sets can be seen here.

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Marlene said...

nice job on the track! whoosh!

lindsay said...

great job! you are insanely under your pace.

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Way to go, Bro'!