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My head hurts already....

In two weeks I am supposed to be in my "STAMINA" phase of training. I have been doing the "Endurance" phase all this time. I didn't realize that speedwork fell into an endurance area. But 16 400 meter repeats isn't easy. In my stamina phase I will be doing tempo runs from 4 - 10 miles in length. These are runs that I try to maintain the same pace for the entire run.

I guess STAMINA and ENDURANCE mean pretty much the same to me. Note to self - consult Websters. 

Anyway, the 400m repeats have helped drastically. Hell they helped last summer as well. More and more of them can be done in a row before I start to feel the burn. And I recover between them quicker as well. 

The tempo runs are what scare the hell out of me. I have never been able to run continously for any length of time. Even a 5k, I have to walk. In two weeks how am I going to be able to go 4 miles non-stop? My training calls for an 8:50 pace.

a 4:25 half mile
a 2:12 quarter mile
and if I run indoors at the Armory a 66 second lap for 32 laps.

"WTF!!?? How am I going to do that?", says the body. 
"Well, maybe first body, think that you can do it" says the brain. 

So even though this is a Steelers weekend, I have some mental workouts to start doing in preparation for the "STAMINA" phase of my workouts in two weeks. 

I hate brain work. Gives me a headache.

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Marlene said...

Awesome that you are noticing improvement from the 400s. The same will happen with your tempo runs... you'll see! Take it a mile at a time.

TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL.... How do you eat an elephant? You don't look at the total 4 miles but the foot steps that it takes. Like Nike says, '...just do it'.

lindsay said...

the tempo run will be an easier pace than the 400s. you can do it! after a few runs at tempo pace you'll learn what the pace feels like and it won't be as hard as it seems to maintain.

like marlene and tnt ken said, one step/mile at a time!

Sonia said...

Don't freak out looking at the numbers! It will all fall into place, it's like looking at the 20 miler at the beginning of marathon training. Scary but you'll gain confidence in your training as each week goes by!! You can do it!!

Steelers are not doing too bad right now!

Laurel said...

Don't over-think it too much. Trust your body and see what it can do. You'll be surprised. :)