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Intervals at the Armory

Almost sounds like a horror story. But this was a step back week so I only had 6 to run. Again in 1:45 or less (my goal) training say 2:00 - 2:05.

Set 1 - 1:42
Set 2 - 1:36
Set 3 - 1:40
Set 4 - 1:40
Set 5 - 1:45
Set 6 - 1:38

plus a mile warm up and a 400 meter cool down.

Good effort. Legs are hurting. It is a new thing for me. This aching. Wondering if it might be related to no stretching. Something to think about.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Well Coach I hope it was a good ache in those legs. Glad to read that you'll be coaching the summer TNT team. It's a truly life-altering experience to be a part of some many lives. Good luck.