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Substitute Coach

Tomorrow I am filling in to coach the local TNT (Team in Training) chapter. They have a 6/12 mile  run depending on whether they are training for the half or full marathons. Of course for my first time it should be about 10 degrees at 8am with a minus wind chill. 

Maybe that is a good thig I am coaching and not running. I can sit in the truck. Woohooo!!!!
It shoul d be a blast though. Soon I will be a full time coach for the upcoming summer session. We will be training for RNR - Seattle, RNR - San Diego and America'smost Beautiful Bike Ride - Tahoe. For more info go here -

It should be a blast. i hope to get there early and get 5 miles on the trail first.

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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

So how did it go? (coaching vs. running)

Rural Runner E said...

So was it cold? How did it feel to be the substitute teacher? Hope all went well.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Did the team treat you like a substitute teacher? I love going along the training course honking the car horn as they run!