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Saturday Long Run

Yea, right. A little rain last night combined with just below freezing temperatures turned my long run into an ice skating rink. So since this is part of a Team in Training run (I mentor this group), the coach and I called off the run. Everyone is going to train on treads, run in town or come out with me tomorrow at noon.

I was hoping too sneak in 13 miles this morning, but now it will be tomorrow. After that, a nice hot shower and then some nachos and beer while I (hopefully) watch the Steelers put the Chargers in their place again.

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RunToFinish said...

Darn weather has made outdoor training much harder this year

Rural Runner E said...

Go Steelers.
Cannot stand those Chargers and their wonderfully verbal quarterback.
Indy Fan, can you tell?
Going to go out for 10 miles before the game today.