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Weekend Teaching

Man was it cold on Saturday. Hats off to my runners, members and alumni alike. -14 degrees with the wind chill. But carry on they did. And run they did. man it was cold. A special kudo to all winter time coaches in wintry locales, it is especially good of you to brave the weather when you are not building up your body temperature.

But I am still looking forward to starting my coaching career next month sometime. The summer session of TNT starts in February. 

Thanks to all the alumni that came out to run as well. It was chillly for you as well. 

So, I got no running in this weekend at all and am going tohave to make it up this week. Starting Monday, I am going to have to get my weekly groove on. Start grooving 5 days a week. Moving and shaking. 

Eleven weeks until the Illinois marathon. Eleven weeks to be in shape for a 4:30 marathon. Eleven weeks to run a 2:10 or better half (I don't realy think negative splits are in my future). Eleven weeks until (4)  65 minute 10k. 

I am ready to do this anddo this I must.  Woo hoo.

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Marlene said...

yikes, that is cold! I don't blame you for staying in... you'll make it up this week, hopefully in warmer temps!

Laurel said...

You can totally do it! Good luck with your training!

lindsay said...

i'm not personally experiencing negative temps but i know i'm tired of reading about them! brrrr. can't blame you for staying in, and hope this week is extra productive for you.

Rural Runner E said...

This year is the first ever Illinois Marathon, correct? I heard they have a half as well, is that true? Thinking about coming back home to run the race.
Good luck with the running this week.

Sonia said...

You're going to be great!! 11 weeks is enough.... or so I like to think!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, way to break it down into 10k segments.