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Siberian Express

Well, it is over. 7.1 miles of 35 degree, overcast, humid, hard to sometimes slippery and shoe sucking mud. We trail runners got it all. Wasn't sure how I would do, but hoping for 90 - 105 minute struggle. So I finished in 82.5 minutes. I ran hard and it was hard.

Happy with my time for the amount of uphill and downhill running on this trail. According to Garmin 180 feet of ascent and 1835 feet of descent. That is a lot of climbing and sliding down.

On a side note, my running partner locked the door key in his car. After unsuccessfully trying to open it, we hitched a ride with the Reid brothers of Carlinville. Three guys that really know how to have a good time and really give each other some shit. But the shit they gave my nameless running partner was tremendous. So much shit, but shit he deserved.

Well back to the weekly grind of training.

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