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New Year's Eve

A time of reflection
A time of remembrance
A time of hopes
A time of thoughts
A time of regrets
A time to ponder
A time to start anew

This is the time of the year that we look back with our friends and by ourselves and say, "Hey, what's going on". We think we should have done this or that. We think we should not have done this or that. We wish, we repress, we cherish.

This is the year that I will look back on as a good year. A year of incredible change. A year of some growing up. A year of some regressing. A year og happiness and a year of sorrows.

I will not make a resolution for the next year. I have read that resolutions are easy to break. Instead I will make promises to myself. As quoted "You may think that a promise to yourself broken is a victimless crime, but honestly if you cannot keep a promise to yourself, then you need to think of yourself as a more important of a person than you may right now." And I think there is sound reasoning in those words. Therefore, promises I will make.

I will be a better person.
I will be a better athlete.

That's it. That's enough, isn't it. Those two things will be hard to achieve and will take time. but I have a year to make good on my promises.

Now for the running part.

Yea, it's about time.
only have a few things lines up for now, but these I want to do.

Running 2009
1/3/2009 - Siberian Express 7.1 mile trail
2/14/2009 - Fat Ass Runs - 21.3 mile trail
3/??/2009 - Soaring Eagle Run - ??
3/28/2009 - Clinton Lake 30 mile trail (maybe - 2 weeks before marathon)
4/11/2009 - Illinois Marathon
5/3/2009 - Indy Half Marathon

I am sure to add more but that is a good start. And I have TNT to keep me busy with mentoring and coaching.

Yes, I am a TNT coach for the Summer session of 2009 which starts it's official training in February. Probably be coaching for the Indy mini, RNR marathon in Phoenix and who knows. I just know I can't wait.

Until next year to my two readers -

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