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Track Practice - 12/17/08

6 x 400 meters was the scheduled practice at a horrifyingly fast pace. But I persevered at a slower pace. Or did I? (pinky finger pointing to corner of mouth)

I am not sure what my maximum heart rate but I think it was 99.99% of max. It was thudding. My chest was heaving. My lungs were burning. And all I did was lace up my shoes. But seriously, the first 400 was way too fast. Recovery is one thing, but expecting the ambulance. Doesn't cut it, slow down.

So I did. My second 400 was 8 seconds slower. Big help. Let's try to slow down again. So I did. Another 3 seconds.

11 seconds. That's 44 seconds slower per mile. Sounds like a lot, but I can't run a 5:05 mile. I am pretty sure that if my legs moved that fast the friction would burn the donkey parts off me.

The next 400 was another 7 seconds slower. Much better. Still out of breath, legs still hurting on the last 100 meters, but doable. And this time doable for the last two 400's as well.

That is the time to run them in. After all, next week is 8 x 400 and then 10 building up to 16 of them.

The Armory is closed for the next two weeks. Not sure where I am going to run my 400 meter repeats at. Especially since my treadmill appears kaput.

So times were good. But what were they? You really want to know. But if I listed them here my competition will see it and train harder. Not sure I can have that. My competition keeps there training secret. Hidden. Undiscovered. In the dark.

1. vieną trisdešimt vienos
2. vieną trisdešimt devynių
3. vieną keturiasdešimt dvi
4. vieną keturiasdešimt devynerių
5. vieną keturiasdešimt aštuonia
6. vieną keturiasdešimt aštuonia

I feel good. I was tired this morning. That workout is hard and wears my body out. Last Thursday wasn't exactly my normal grouchy self.

This Saturday is a long run. 4 miles for the full marathoners and 3 miles for the halfers. My training calls for 7 miles. Not sure if I will or not but I might try. That a little bit under 4 laps of Meadowbrook Park.

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