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Track Practice

Today was the start of training.
I went.
To the armory.

Only the coaches - Randy and Jayme.
But I ran.
We ran.

Multiple 600's.
I wanted to do 800's, but after three laps (yes, small indoor track). Whew!!
So yes, repeat 600's with 3 minute recovery.

Set 1 - 2:50
Set 2 - 2:44
Set 3 - 2:50
Set 4 - 2:39 (thought we were done, but coach Randy said one more)
Set 5 - 2:53

Not bad. Felt tired but good. Lungs still not back to normal an hour later.
Ease into it stud. You got 4 months.

I ran 600's thinking i needed to run 800's. Getting home and reading my training schedule I see that I was mistaken. Again. I only needed to run 400's. 6 of them, but 400's. So I am ahead of schedule. I can take it easy.


I will read the schedule better in the future.

Tomorrow is a 30 minute easy jog and cross training on Friday.
Saturday is a group run with my fellow TNTers.

It is a start.

On another note - my pushup routine is on hold. I did my first set of 10, rested tried the second set and dropped like a rock. My elbow is bad. If it doesn't heal in a week I may have to see a doctor. Unfortunately I still have a lot of hammering to do to finish the coop.

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