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Track Practice - 12/24/08

Did not happen. Not because of the holidays, but because the Armory was closed.
Had it been open I would have gone. Possibly with one or two or no kids in tow. But I would have been there.

It is now Friday and my scheduled 8 x 400 meters has not happened. If the treadmill is working I might try it on that. At least it will be a consistant pace. Roads are still too icy to try and run on them.

Time will tell.

On another front the kids are well and seem happy with the little Christmas that I was able to buy for them. Hopefully they really were. Jake got an iPod Touch and Tori got her RED digital camera. I think that everyone was happy. Now to finish up Xmas shopping for the wonderful, considerate girlfriend.

3 more slow hours (I hope work doesn't read this) and off to the kids. Think Tori is cooking chicken for her daddy and brother tonite. I will try the treadmill during that time. May have to go chase Hobbit(the horse) as well. Don't know if Rachel will be back tonite or not.

So for tonite's practice, delayed from Wednesday's practice, I have 8 sets of 400 meter runs in 1:10 - 1:20 or were they supposed to be in 2:05 - 2:15. I forget. Oh well, it is in the book.

9 miles for tomorrow.

stay tuned.

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