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Track Practice - Make--Up

Did my normal Wednesday track practice tonite. It was supposed to have been done on Xmas eve but the Armory is closed until next year. I did the math and set the treadmill speed the desired mph's. it kind of sucked because I could not pour on any extra speed during the last 30 or so meters. I also ran quarter mile splits instead of 400 meters that the Armory track is. But it is done. 8 quarter mile splits all done in the same speed with 2 minutes of rest in between. Did them in approximately the same time as I did last week at the Armory. This Wednesday (2 days from now) is track practice for the week. It is now 10x400 meters but since the Armory will still be closed I will be running on the treadmill again. I suppose i could mark out something on the road by I am not sure. Then I have to deal more with wind and weather and possibly ice. So most likely treadmill again in the same speed again staring out that little garage window at an empty pasture. Ho hum!!! Kind of like this blog if you got through it.

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