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Long Run - Week 2

Saturday - December 27, 2008

average temperature for the day - 37 degrees
actual temperature for the day - 63 degrees

7am when I started running it was 57 degrees
of course it rained a few times on us, but overall, a great day to run

just a few of us there
kevin, sarah, karen and of course randy and jayme

halfers ran 4 and full ran 6
i ran 7.38
supposed to run 9
underachieved again 2 weeks in a row

but ran it faster than stated pace
was tired and sleepy when i got home
good thing kids were still asleep

next week is 11 miles
out at lake of the woods
siberian express race is next week as well
signed up for siberian and i will run it
will probably just go out and hang with group
save myself for the siberian

i am recovering quicker after my runs
i don't seem to be having any muscle aches afterwards
that denotes good progression
maybe my goal is achievable

tonite i need to do last wednesday's track practice
8x400 meters in approximately vienÄ… penkiolika
or something close
so that i can run this wednesday practice on wednesday
10x400 meters in apprximately vienÄ… penkiolika

i will be building up to 16x400
that is a lot of laps at the armory

until then
gerai veikia


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