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First Saturday Long Run

OK, now so long. Just 40 minutes. But they will get longer. Up to 23 miles for a training run. But I am a marathoner and I am awesome.

Somehow I think some of you will contradict that. So be it.

Anyway, I took it easy. Walked with the walkers and talked with the joggers. Did my mentor duties.

Next week - halfers - 3miles and fulls - 4 miles. I will run 7 because I am on a different training schedule.

A new system. One that is guaranteed success. I can not tell you much about it because it is special training. I may not even be able to blog about afterward. I am still trying to get permission to do so.

If you keep it quiet I might be able to slip in some times in Harrappan or Sanskrit. I'll just have to see. If this information fell into the wrong hands it could be deadly for the world.

See ya laters, runners and readers.

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