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Happy New Year Everyone

it is 2008
i'll turn 45
don't know if that is significant or not
i might get lucky and get a house this year
or i might not
i hope to run a marathon this year
i hope to beat the Rouge in the Indy half marathon
my wallet hopes i beat him
i hope Jake makes the state cross country meet this year
i hope Tori makes it too high school
i hope Chris gets over his shyness
i hope Allyson stays happy
i hope all my friends stay my friends
i hope i train more
i hope my blood sugar drops to the normal range
i hope i eat better
i hope i learn something new this year
i hope i am better this year

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Stay focused and get motivated friend, and all of those "hopes" can become realities. Who's the rouge?

Ally said...

My happiness is directly affected by yours.

Running Around Acres said...

Rouge = Mr. Elliott