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Xmas and Training #4

Kids came up on the 21st for Xmas. She sent them up (when it wasn't my legal time) so that she could keep the kids on my weekend to have Xmas down there to benefit her familys schedule. Which ruined things for me.

I had already discussed Xmas to be the weekend of the 29th (my weekend) at Thanksgiving with them. Expecially since I and grandma both had to work on Monday. But alas, the divorce papers are only to be followed by me.

So Xmas was ok. Kids were happy with all their things. Had Xmas with my better half and what a fantastic Xmas. First, as you know, shebought 2 tickets to a Steelers game and hotel. Then she gets me 2 Terrible Towels, Rooney's book and a few others things. Then there is the Craftsman tool chest. Huge. Black. Awesome. Like her. Always.

Saturday, December 29th training.
4 miles.
That's all.
Meadowbrook Park.
2 laps around park plus another four-tenths.

Well the first lap was ok. Got to the south end of the park (where the naked girlie statue is) and my knee starts twinging. Painful lightning bolts of pain trying to wrench my patella off. I ran through it, but it kept coming back. Hopefully it will not be my undoing 2 mils into the Siberian Express.

Still I got 4.2 miles completed in about 45 minutes. With the knee pain running is difficult.
I need to to some weekday running to complement my weekend running. This coming week also starts our mid-week (Wednesday) training. Hopefully by getting tough for one week I can tough out the Siberian and crack a PR. Hopefully run under 90 minutes. A PR means run better than 83 minutes.

2006 I ran 1 hr 23 m and 36.4 seconds. A lofty goal for this year.

We will know...
in a week.

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