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Training #2

Today was 40 minutes of training. 31 degrees, snow and a fairly stiff breeze out of the east. Of course the trail was snow covered but fine. Until the snow plow drove down and created some slick spots. Met the mentor for this season and he is faster and in better shape than me. Figures. Ran with him for the first lap (1.8 miles) then faded back. I got two laps done in 41 minutes. About 11:23/mile - 3.6 miles.

Now this week I have to start the weekly runs because the Saturday runs are going to get longer quicker. And with the Siberian Express (7.45m) coming up in three weeks I must train. I must train.


So train it was said, train it was written and train it shall be done.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

"You can dooo eeet!" he said in his best Rob Schneider voice.