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steelers, contemplation and serenity

Bad news - Willie Parker broke his leg and is out for the season. This will make the playoffs difficult at best.

As noted earlier VGFatboy and i headed to St. Louis for a night of football and beer. It was wonderful. Acouple hours of driving down with the Hook and reminiscing over the years past. how our lives have changed and how we have adjusted to the roller coaster thrill rides we have been fortunate to survive.

All in all I feel that we both have become better, more humble individuals because of the travels we have been forced to complete. Sometimes, it is like we were hobbits just forced along by forces stronger than ourselves. Sometimes, like explorers of the past (Magellan, Columbus, Aldrich or Kirk) forging in to the unknown, unsure of anything except the possibility of adventure.

But I am sure that both of us took from the roadtrip a bit of extra serenity and peace. A small but noticeable bit of warmth spreading through our souls. A quietness that has quekked some of the uneasyness we all feel from time to time. And with this we can go on again and start solving the worlds problems or least locate that damn remote control again.

VGFatboy and I traveled to St. Louis, saw a great football and drank some really expensive beer. Not great beer just costly. $8.75 for 24 ozs. But drank we did. Went to Sundeckers and ShowMe's (though no one showed us anything). It was kinda like going to a Hooters. They advertise hooters, talk about hooters on the menu. But do you ever see a hooter. I have only seen hooters at a Hooter's once. And I had to travel to Amsterdam to see them.

False advertising. Should have been ShowMe's NOT!!!

thank you again special lady, lover and friend.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Are we getting old or what? No hangovers? You CANNOT be serious!Thanks for a great time, and remember, THERE'S ALWAYS TIME FOR LUBRICANT!!