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Training #3

Date - Saturday, December 22, 2007
Weather - 46 degrees, clear skies, strong south wind 15 - 20 mph

Me - tired, legs feel like jello before I started. Going to be a miserable 50 minute run mentality.

ok - 51 minutes later and i managed 4.75 miles. 10:45 pace.

tweaked my left knee somewhere around 4 miles. didn't land on anything just stepped wrong. tired, but not breathing exceptionally hard. I did walk a lot so I guess the distance isn't too bad. Need to see if my Ironman is fixable and start using it.

Siberian Express coming up in 2 weeks and not even close to being ready. Goal - 90 minutes and that could be pushing it. Should be able to hang with Tom for the first half. He has been working out and runnin on a treadmill. He will be ready.

I only hope I can muster my goal.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Come on now...focus on the goal. don't let the petty things distract you. I'll do the same.