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Training #4 and more

Hey that rhymes. tee hee

Ok, training on Saturday was supposed to be 5 miles, instead I attempted the Siberian Express (7.45 miles). It was the muddiest I have ever seen it. At places we were slogging through 4" deep mud. We - Tom and I. My knee has been giving me plenty of problems lately and I had to stop every quarter to half mile. Tom, being the friend he is, hung back with me. We still finished in 1h 43m. Making us both believe that without the mud and my knee we could have been under 90 minutes.

So that tells me I need to do weekday running and start the new ELITE core workout that VGFatboy is doing. We both read about it in RW. Core strength is important to everyday life. This coming Saturday is only a 45 minutes run - a cutback week. Then 6 miles, then 8 miles.

Gave a treadmill to VGFatboy for some winter running. His number 1 son seems to love it. He should get some good use out of it in the years to come.

Soon I will have a new blog up. Look for more info to come.

Peace out.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

HELL YEAH! You need to do weekday runs. Keep it up, bud. I'm actually looking forward to my runs. Weird, eh?