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Training #5

Another training Saturday, another 45 minutes of not holding pace. Met a new team member and she is like the Energizer bunny. She runs a 10 minutes pace. Only problem she runs it forever. I held pace for the first lap then stop to tie my shoes so that I could walk when needed and she would never know.



Sunday was a rest day and pleasant. Had a great weeknd with Jake. Tori blew me off again. Jake can now be called 'Bent finger'.

He is playing intramural basketball and apparently uses only his index finger to catch the ball. Beat he goes back to using his whole hand. I sent him to the emergency room and the doc said he did pop it out of joint but it popped right back in. Swelling should go down in a day or two.

In other news I have final approval of my home loan, meaning I can join the ranks of the debt-ridden once again. Someday a house will be mine.

So hopefully Monday I will train a little. Time will tell.

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Ally said...

Well another morning of trying to get his tired butt out of bed to do a little workout...not happening in the a.m. hours. We'll see what the evening brings...Tee-hee.

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

You mean I was facing that 20 degree weather with 15 mph winds on my own, AGAIN? Seriously, my brother, you better start training. Wouldn't want to defeated by a fatty, now, would you?