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Today is the Day

Today I have to at least run or do some core workouts. NO MATTER WHAT.
Saturday is TNT training #5 but it is only 45 minutes. I say that like I run more than that all the time. 45 minutes that I cannot run continously. 45 minutes of wheezing, knee pain, side splints and general dizziness in my head wondering what the hell am I doing.

Oh way, I am tryin to get in shape and raise money for TNT. Time to start writing letters this weekend.

On a side note, I have been looking at houses... still. I had a house inspection schedule for me and that is how I lost a good friend. Maybe someday he will overcome his anger. Inspection was ok. Pointed out a few things I choose to inore and listed all the no-nos that most homeowners don't really care. They no there is damage or rot here and there and choose to overlook when trying to buy a house they really like. But he did point out the furnace was old (I knew that), the flame was too yellow - due to misadjustment or cracked heat exchanger (I didn't know, well even I could see it was yellow) and the fact there was no CO detector (which I had forgotten that all homes with gas appliances must have them within 15 feet of sleeping areas. New state law as of last year.

I wondering how many homes do not have them. I bet one hell of a lot.

So I am having a furnace guy look at this furnace on Monday to tell me if the exchanger is broke or not. Then on with the next step. Home buying seems to be such a drag and time committment. My lawyer seems to be very knowledgable and nice. I like him.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

You better, or I'm going to get all in shape and taunt you!!

Ally said...

Well, I am just going to have to kick your hiney out of bed, get you moving when you're vegging and expect the same. The winter butt is setting in and I too want to shed that before Spring. Have to look sexy for my guy...and fit in my swimsuit before heading to Florida in March. The treadmil is calling us..."it's cold and lonely in here...turn me on, watch my TV, make my motor run..."