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Training #6

So tired. We went out to dinner and drinks with Tom and Christine last night. Had a pretty good time. But, yea, that has nothing to do with Saturday's training run.

It was CANCELLED by the coach. With wind chills on the negative side of ZERO that was probably smart. So that means running it today by myself or trying to limp out 6 miles on a treadmill.

Did a little cross training this morning around 9:30 for abot 45 minutes or so. Some pushups, sidebends, thrusts... those kind of things. Then headed to the treadmill. Set it for 10k and started walking. Soon up to my 6 mph pace and felt pretty good. But could not hang with it. Ended up slowing and doing a 5k in 33:45 for a 10:54 pace.

That means I have to do another 5k later tonite. I cannot let the distance go. Mileage will be building up 2 miles every week for the longer Saturday runs. I have to keep at this. And I have to add the weekday runs as well. Must find time for 30 minutes every night on the treadmill or outside. MUST!!!

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Good show, old chap. Keep pushing. You'll get there.