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Sisters of Providence

Sisters? of Providence?
yes, saturday I and a good friend will be visiting the Sisters. not sisters from the same mother but religious Sisters. Sisters of god and sisters of the farm. they will show us, teach us and feed us. they are eco-friendly. i think it will be a very good time. can't wait to visit saint marys of the woods.

and i am thinking of making my small goat herd into a real farm. yep, going to register it as a corporation or llc. not sure which yet. any business people out there? of course i really don't expect to make money but hopefully enough to pay for their winter feed and some of the electric costs for heating their water. might even looking at getting one or two of these little crias.

cute little bugger isn't he/she. i have no idea. i'll see some of these on saturday as well. don't tell anyone but i have to cross into indiana to see them. not this little guy though - she/he is all illini. 

running has taken a step back this week but i hope to jump back on the wagon sunday for my 11 mile run. weekly runs are now 6 miles or more every training day. back into the heart of running and just in time for weather close to the 40s means running outside. it has been so long i hope i do not get lost. 

uh oh, just realized it is past my bedtime. see ya.

- the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

Hey! I was happy to see your post. I was thinking of you and wondering how training is going while I was running this morning. So, we need to revisit my schedule. I'm growing increasingly concerned that my long runs aren't long enough soon enough. Do you have some time this weekend?