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13 miler

I made the long run this week. 13 miles. A nice morning to run. Wasn't sunshiny like the weather girl said it would be, but above freezing. The first six were fairly easy and uneventful. Right on the 10 minute pace I dared to dream about the night before.

The next three were close to pace but the last three were difficult. Besides being almost hit - by a car and a not an angry woman. Yea, driver not paying any attention and trying to blow a stop sign to beat oncoming traffic. I have never been almost hit before.

The last three required walk breaks but I made it in a 10:15 pace. Well below my 11 minute I wanted. I also ended up having a bloody foot. Never has happened before. Damn stray, pointy toenail. Gonna have to get a pedi now.

Now the big question. Retotaling my mileage for the month brings me to 49.3 - short of the 50 I thought I would have from the last post. So, the does month end on the 31st or now that the last full week ofJanuary is over? That is my dIlemma.

Looking at next week's schedule I will be running 115 miles for the month. That's a lot for someone as amateurish as me. January should have been 80 miles but for some reason I took a whole week off. That was bad of me. But still I did almost good. February will be another month and hopefully I can be fully successful.

Yea me!!!

Yea to all my running friends that are staying in the swing of things and running as well. Here's to one foot in front of the other.

- the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

yes, miles run tomorrow or monday definitely count toward January!

Where were you that you almost got hit? Not cool.

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Great job my brother.

Lisa said...

i total monthly miles by calendar month. you still have a couple days!